Augusta Victoria Mount of Olives

Al-Mutala' Hospital Mount of Olives Jerusalem (2003-2004) Designed, supervised and construction ...

Augusta Victoria Hospital - Laboratories

Augusta Victoria Hospital - Laboratories   يقع قسم مختبرات الكلى في الزاوية الشرقية الجنوبية لمبنى...

Freres School - Swimming Pool

Freres SchoolBeit Hanina– Jerusalemswimming pool     This project is a half Olympic swimming po...

  • Augusta Victoria Mount of Olives

  • Augusta Victoria Hospital - Laboratories

  • Freres School - Swimming Pool









CATD is a company that was established in Jerusalem in 1997 as an architectural, engineering, urban planning, and construction management firm.  It is a branch of the New York firm that was founded in 1990 under the name AAD (Automated Architectural Dimensions). AAD and its branch CATD specialize in providing professional architectural and engineering design and building services, construction management to individuals and institutions as well as instructional and training services in the latest architectural and urban planning technologies to Architecture and Engineering Companies as well as Geographical Information System, GIS, users.  Our office is located in Beit Hanina, Jerusalem.