Augusta Victoria Mount of Olives

Al-Mutala' Hospital Mount of Olives Jerusalem (2003-2004) Designed, supervised and construction ...

Augusta Victoria Hospital - Laboratories

Augusta Victoria Hospital - Laboratories   يقع قسم مختبرات الكلى في الزاوية الشرقية الجنوبية لمبنى...

Freres School - Swimming Pool

Freres SchoolBeit Hanina– Jerusalemswimming pool     This project is a half Olympic swimming po...

  • Augusta Victoria Mount of Olives

  • Augusta Victoria Hospital - Laboratories

  • Freres School - Swimming Pool


Mr. Ibrahim A. YounanMr. Ibrahim A. Younan, Architect, CEO.

Mr. Younan is the energetic, self-made, visionary and creative entrepreneur behind CATD, a Jerusalem based full service architectural and engineering firm.  He completed his educational and professional training in architecture in 1989 from New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) and he followed an Executive MBA at Adelphi University in the United States.  He advanced professionally through the extensive experience he accumulated from the different positions he held in New York.  He worked in a number of professional private companies and as a Project Coordinator, an Architect, a Campus Architect, a University Facilities Planner, a Director of the Department of Facilities Planning and Construction Management.  He oversaw the design and plan of a new academic center complex with 14,000m2, $35 Million in construction cost and $15 Million in operational cost. Then he became Founder and President of his own architectural and professional training firm in New York.  He moved to Jerusalem in 1997 and established CATD, a full service professional firm as an extension of his New York firm. He had professional affiliation with the American Planning Association, APA, the American Institute of Architects, AIA, the Palestinian Architects and Engineers Association, the Construction Specifications Institute, CSI & National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, and the Society for College & University Planning, SCUP.

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Mr. Khalil Abu ArafehMr. Khalil Abu Arafeh, Architect

Manager of architectural and urban planning division.

Mr. Abu-Arafeh graduated from Kiev Institute in Ukrane with a Master’s degree in Architecture in 1983.  Since his graduation, he has proven himself as a profe+9ssional architect and planner as well as his fame as a cartoonist.  He has extensive experience in historical preservation for he worked in the Center for the Restoration and the Preservation of the Old City, Jerusalem on the restoration of ten Mamluk schools in the Old City of Jerusalem. Mr. Abu-Arafeh worked in ASSIA consulting office in Ramallah from 1992 until 1992. During his work at ASSIA office he participated in few important projects, commercial, public and residential projects such as Mikhmas and Surda commercial complexes and Al-nahda residence complex in Ramallah. From 1994 to 1999 he was a partner in Jerusalem Design Center (JDC) consulting office, during this period he participated in many projects such as Trust Insurance building in Ramallah.


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