Augusta Victoria Mount of Olives

Al-Mutala' Hospital Mount of Olives Jerusalem (2003-2004) Designed, supervised and construction ...

Augusta Victoria Hospital - Laboratories

Augusta Victoria Hospital - Laboratories   يقع قسم مختبرات الكلى في الزاوية الشرقية الجنوبية لمبنى...

Freres School - Swimming Pool

Freres SchoolBeit Hanina– Jerusalemswimming pool     This project is a half Olympic swimming po...

  • Augusta Victoria Mount of Olives

  • Augusta Victoria Hospital - Laboratories

  • Freres School - Swimming Pool




CATD’s Professional Team

As previously mentioned, CATD provides the best quality construction management services.  The company’s team is fully dedicated and is attentive to the minutest detail.  CATD draws upon its experience in New York and the expertise of our local team members in this country.  The total number of the team members in Jerusalem is nine professionals.  Along side the local team, the total number of our international team members is 150 processionals form our alliance with R. W. Armstrong in the USA.  This brings our professional power base to 159 professionals at the service of our clients locally and internationally.